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mixed race woman wearing tan sweatshirt with metallic lettering which reads Queen with dreams, while sitting at a table surrounded with art work and original drawings. Artwork is very colourful and features flowers, plants and wildlife


Welcome to Mayajoy.

Hey loves I'm Maya, mum of 2 girls and Sailor's wife, living in Devon.

From the age of 12, I knew I wanted to work in the design industry. Inspired by Tricia Guild, Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston, I went to University to study Interior Design and later a Masters in Textiles & Surface pattern, securing a job with the acclaimed Laura Ashley as an Interior Designer in North London. It was here that I developed a love of traditional British style, mixed with some of my own personality- a dual heritage, pink obsessed and joyful pops of colour to give you all of those feel good vibes. Helping my clients reach their design dreams filled me with so much joy and it was this that led me to designing my own range of homeware, soft furnishings & gifts.

Having taken a break from the industry to have my family, I finally took the plunge to invest in myself in 2021 as a way of leading by example and demonstrating to my children that their dreams will never be too far out of reach. For the first time, I chose to be authentically me and make my dreams a reality. 

two young children wearing sweatshirts with positive affirmations on. Pink sweatshirt has white lettering with the word UNIQUE and grey sweatshirt says LOVED

I want you to feel inspired to dream big, take risks and trust that you are unique- no one can do what you do. You are valuable- and have something to offer the world and you are loved- and worth investing in. 

I spend my days wearing many hats, drawing inspiration from family life and the world around us to influence my artwork; photographing products and packing orders, as well as marketing and admin. It has been a steep learning curve but I love being able to share my journey and demonstrate that with an idea and some hard work, you too can make your dreams a reality.

Thank you so much for supporting us on our journey

Lots of Love

Maya x 

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