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Women supporting Women

Hello one and all. Its a new week, which can only mean one thing- a new blog post! I'm really enjoying carving out space each week to offload the thoughts and ideas in my head and I hope you are able to relate and also find some inspiration and encouragement from my posts.

Clare Palmer of Clarity Coaching; James Court, local enterprise manager at Natwest Group

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first networking event, which was hosted by the BIPC (Business & IP Centre) in Exeter, where I was finally able to meet a handful of women who I have been having zoom sessions with during our Women in business course.

Led by Clare Palmer of Clarity Coaching, this event was nothing like I thought it would be. I have always been put off attending networking events because I feel a bit like an imposter. They are great for other people- with service based businesses but they certainly couldn't be for me; a Designer? I was so wrong.

The amount of support and encouragement that I received at this event was amazing and a real breath of fresh air. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in what others had to offer and it felt great to be surrounded by other women, who were investing in themselves and determined to reach their goals.

Society seems to have created a situation where its every (wo)man for themselves and dog eat dog but actually when women support other women, beautiful things can happen. There was no ego, just a group of inspiring women, who I feel I can learn a lot from.

Today I wanted to highlight some of the wonderful women in business that I have encountered since starting Mayajoy. Women who have inspired and offered kind words of encouragement. Thank you for doing what you do.

Louise Eleanor is a photographer specialising in Weddings and families for those who love adventure. Her passion is to tell the story of those she works with in a relaxed environment, capturing natural interactions as they happen. Louise says that “The moments that matter most are the little ones, just as much as the big ones”.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced a family shoot with Louise and her photographs are simply beautiful. The emotion, the love, the fun, the joy is captured wonderfully and tells an Authentic story.

Learn more about the precious memories she can capture for you and your loved ones here:

Darcie Olley is an illustrator and print designer specialising In cards, prints and gifts. Based in Essex, she graduated from Colchester School of Art and was selected by Sir Paul Smith as the recipient of the Nicole Abbott Award.

Full of joy, fun and cuteness, Darcie uses a mix of media to create vibrant and exciting outcomes.

I first met Darcie during my return to industry and was drawn to her illustrative and consistent style. She inspired me to embrace my own style and I am excited to see where her career takes her. Shop her range of cute cards and prints here:

“In 2020 when the world was shutting down due to the global pandemic, I started to embrace floral design as a self care exercise to improve my mental well-being. After sharing my creations with family and friends and realising my passion in this field, I decided to take the leap and Shirley Blossoms was born”

Teanne Andrews is the Founder of Shirley Blossoms Floral Design, based in East London. Her floral arrangements are bold and vibrant and she specialises in event floristry, floral styling and PR activations.

Teanne's drive to create and immerse herself in doing what she loves impacted me hugely in the early stages of Mayajoy. You could say that her determination challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and believe that anything is possible. If you live in the East London area, you can order her beautiful arrangements here:

The Bookish mindset is a monthly book subscription service, ready to help you find your next read.

Nikki, the owner created her business in 2020 while working through a lot of books in the third lockdown and is an advocate of supporting authors from ethnic minorities. I first met Nikki when she entrusted me with supplying Positive lifestyle journals for her subscription boxes, which was an exciting highlight for Mayajoy.

She says "Women supporting each other is of the utmost importance, especially when small businesses are concerned. Actively seeking out women owned businesses and supporting them through either purchases or interacting with their content is key to success. Paramount to this is that we keep our feminism intersectional and make sure all kinds of women owned businesses are supported, not just the ones pushed by racist and homophobic narratives. only then can we succeed together." subscribe to read your next book here:

Clare Palmer, Founder of Clarity Coaching has a 25 year career in corporate leadership. following her vision to "Help people be their best everyday" she set up on her own and believes that everyone has the ability to achieve their own success.

Using her experience, knowledge, qualifications and skill set she coaches people who choose to be brave, break away from their inner critic, take ownership of their future and help guide them to create a more positive and courageous outlook to their life, careers and businesses.

Connecting with Clare has massively contributed to the growth and confidence in where I am leading my own business. You can learn more about what is on offer here:

Body positive influencer, self-love advocate and motivational comedian Jessica Jones (@TheFatFunnyOne) believes that authentic confidence and self-love aren't farfetched fantasies but are actually completely attainable. she shares her transformational journey from self-loathing and brokenness to freedom and acceptance- and shows you the skills and practices she used to reprogram that critical inner voice.

Jess' authenticity in everything she does offers relatable content for women from all walks of life. Her story has resonated so much with my own issues of identity and I have to thank her for the aspirations that she has imprinted on me personally and I'm sure many others.

You can grab a copy of her book here:

After the tragic loss of her beloved son Jacob, Ruth kept busy by creating cute and fun personalised items for life's precious moments. She has turned her hobby in to what is now a fully fledged company, having sold nearly 100,000 items on Etsy!

Sharing her heartbreak and her resilience to endure the storm, she is an inspiration to mothers and empowers those with similar experiences that they too can overcome, against all odds.

Having followed Ruth's story since day 1, she is proving that your circumstance does not define you and that you can build a legacy to be proud of. Check out her personalised products here:

Wow what a bunch of incredible women, I hope that you will join me in supporting them as they build their businesses. If you want to shout about any female owned businesses or women who have inspired you, I would love to hear about them. Let's share the love.

See you next time

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

Please note that the links in this post are not part of a paid partnership- I really am inspired by these wonderful women!

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