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Who's your role model?

The last week has been absolutely wild! I am zonked because I have been living off adrenaline for the last few days. Not only did I attend my first networking evening, which was so much fun but I also gave my first in person talk- to 75 women, where we shared a breakfast with one another and talked life, faith and living up to our full potential!

One thing that I have always been certain of, is that I wanted to be a positive role model to my daughters. This desire has seen me break through barriers where previously I may have hidden and today I want to talk to you about the importance of role models.

I am so delighted that on my Instagram live last week that I was able to speak candidly with someone who I consider to be a role model to me. It's funny because often we think that we need to look up to someone who is older than us because we assume they will have more life experience but that isn't always the case. After all, age is just a number!

Jessica Jones or you may know her better as @thefatfunnyone is someone whom I have looked up to for a number of years. She may be several years younger than me but her relatable content, honest nature and lets face it- humour is something to be admired. I am very honoured to be able to call her a friend and we haven't even met in real life yet!

Jess shares her story of being referred to as bubbly and confident, whilst internally battling insecurities, comparison and lack of confidence. A story which is so similar to my own. In her new book Own it she teaches others how to break free of limiting beliefs, learn to accept, like and love yourself and urges us to live unapologetically.

During our chat, which I always want to feel like a catch up with friends, she offered some practical tips and shared some thoughts on what to do when you just aren't feeling it, which inevitably is going to come because no one feels positive or confident all of the time. It is a daily choice and one which takes discipline. I shared how I am still going through the steps in her book because I wanted to make sure that I was putting the work in! Don't expect miracles if you read the info but don't reflect on your own life.

So- the importance of a role model? They give us belief that change really is possible. When someone has walked a road similar to your own but is further ahead, they are able to share all of the mistakes and pitfalls which they have encountered. It allows us to travel the same road, without the danger of making all of the same mistakes. Of course we will face our own but there will be someone to help carry us through.

The definition of a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated. I don't believe that imitation is the best form of flattery. I believe that we are all unique and should live life according to our own purpose. Jess doesn't have experience of working in the design industry, she is unable to help me in this regard but where I can pay attention is in her confidence to be her authentic self. If she can be unapologetic in who she is, then so can I! If she can turn her life from negative Nelly to living the life she could only dream of- then so can I!

So this week have a think about the people in your life. Do you look up to your friends? Do they encourage you to seize new opportunities? If not, take a look at who you follow on social media. Find someone who makes you feel like change is possible and then start looking at how you can make positive changes in your own life.

If you want some inspiration, you can catch up on the rest of our chat here

I hope you find this helpful. If you do, make sure you let me know in the comments. I'd love to connect.

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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