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Self love Valentine's gift guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Happy love month!! Can you even believe that it's February? January was looonnnng am I right? The evenings are starting to get a little lighter and I'm not mad about it. I thrive in the sunshine so roll on Spring!

Here's the thing, for the longest time I used to hate Valentine's Day. I think as a teenager I got 1 Valentine's card, from an unwanted admirer and honestly every year that it rolled around I felt rubbish. Can you relate? Somehow it felt like I was undesirable and my school crush didn't even notice me (I know, get out the violins).

Now I'm married and I can't say its all roses over here. My husband thinks Valentine's Day is a commercial gimmick and yeh I guess there is some truth to that BUT- my argument is, that if we aren't showing love throughout the year, why not make 1 day all about loving on your spouse/friend/kids? This is the very reason why each year I buy my daughters a little treat because Valentine's Day is not only for partners, spouses etc so if you aren't in a relationship right now- fear not. Read more for my self care gift guide.

Pampering ourselves is under rated. This year I'm thinking candles, bubble baths and skin care. Check out these products, which we think are the ultimate must haves for 14th February 2023.

1- Neom Perfect night's sleep bath foam: Luxuriously soft and calming, creating the perfect nighttime routine.

Adding a touch of luxury to your routine, this make up bag features a wipe clean lining and gold zip.

20 hours of beautiful fragrance, providing the perfect back drop to your pamper session.

Statement gift wrap for your best Gals

Give the gift of reflection. Spending time alone with your thoughts is food for the soul. Add it to your evening routine and watch yourself grow.

So there you have it- our roundup of essential Valentine's Day self care gifts. Why not treat yourself or consider buying for a friend- its the day of love, lets spread it around like confetti!

Whatever you choose to do on 14th February, please remember that it's just 1 day out of 365. If your crush doesn't notice you- one day you will look back and be grateful for that error in judgement and if you are spending the day on your own, know just how much you are loved.

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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