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Reflect with me.

I have to be honest with you, I am in the midst of an emotional hangover. I have had such an emotionally high May and June that July is feeling flat. My impeccable planning has taken a slump and I have slowed right down to a teeny tiny crawl. I need it. I have pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone, met self imposed deadlines and now I need to take a step back to reflect. I feel the need to really soak in everything which I have achieved over the last 6 months and put steps in place to ensure that my collection gets released when I planned.

It's my 1 year Anniversary

It is coming up to my 1 year Self employed anniversary and it has been hard! Last September when I began working for Mayajoy full-time my Dad told me that I would come out of it a different person. He might be right. Am I earning a living? No. Am I in profit? Not yet. Let's add in the fact that the economy is in absolute despair. I have however learned how to adapt and live life differently. I am investing in myself, my family and my dream one day at a time and I am starting to see the fruits of my labour. I have met some wonderful people, who have offered encouraging words, recommended me to friends and have been inspired by the journey I am on. Isn't this exactly what I wanted? Success!

In the run up to and during the summer holidays, I have a host of things still to do; I am finalising my first collection, solidifying my costings, lifestyle photography and updating my website; I have a trade show to visit and a mini Christmas collection to complete and send to print. I want to give some products a facelift and release some new products for my end of year stalls and all the while, I need to find my motivation to create more content for social media, which feels at times like a full time job in its self.

I should add that I absolutely adore what I am doing. Seeing my creations come to life is everything I dreamed it would be. However I do need to remember that I am a mum and a wife. The holidays are always tricky. Mum life must come first. It is something which I have challenged myself on. If my family is my biggest joy and my driving force, how can I work every hour under the sun? My authenticity is something which I hold in high esteem and although sometimes I really do want to work every hour and ignore my kids, I know that this is wrong for me personally. I continually come back to my personal values and if I am getting out of kilter, I give myself a good talking to, switch off the computer and play lego and cuddle my kids some more.

So a little reflection today. I think the biggest thing that I am learning with Mayajoy is that there is no stopping. It is constant. It moves quickly and I am still getting used to it. I will get there though. It's all part of the learning curve.

Until next time loves.


Mayajoy x

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