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My Word for 2022

Happy New Year my loves and welcome to my first blog post on my brand spanking new website!

I have been meaning to blog for about 4 months but with the new year here and the beginning of 2022, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that start and get moving.

A few years ago, I gave up setting New Years resolutions. They made me feel dreadful because after a month or so of sheer will power, I would have naturally given up and fallen off the wagon. Once I hit my 30’s I made the resolution to never set a resolution again. Instead, I started setting goals and in more recent years I have reflected on a word for the year ahead. This helped focus me on the direction I wanted to go and had no negative connotations if I slipped up.

Which brings me nicely on to my word for 2022- FOCUS.

There are many definitions to the word, however I always like to look up the Etymology or origins - In this case, the meaning is “The point of convergence”. I love this because it massively evokes a feeling in me. As though 2022 is the point where everything comes together and is clearer, more defined and boy don’t we need some of that?

I walked through 2021 building confidence. Confidence in who I was and where I was going. Confidence in my abilities and even though it took me nearly 10 years to step outside of my security blanket (or perhaps pushed due to redundancy) I got to a place where I was owning my decisions and reaping the benefits.

2022 is the year of possibilities. I truly believe that.

As a designer, out of the game for a number of years and competing in a hugely competitive industry, it is very hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. Questions such as “Is my work good enough?” “Is it relevant” “Can I make a living doing what I love?” I know are all questions that every designer before me has asked and that in itself is a comfort, don’t you think?

We’re all just muddling through, wondering if we have got what it takes to reach our dreams. I believe that we do.

One thing that has made me so certain is speaking to people who I admire and seemingly have it all. It didn’t just happen over night. There was hard work, blood, sweat and tears and yet once upon a time, it was just a dream!

So how do we focus?

1)Work at it daily. Be consistent, even when it looks like you are having zero impact.

2) Create a visual as a reminder of where you want to be in the coming year- digitally or even better a memo board full of images that mean something to you.

3)Research more. Read books from successful people in your industry/ listen to podcasts to stay motivated/ network with other like-minded people.

The company you keep has the ability to make or break you.

As we go through this year, which is bound to be checkered with yet more uncertainty, I challenge you to focus.

For someone who naturally overthinks and has a million ideas a second, this word is so perfect for me because it challenges me to make a change. It challenges us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Not to sweat the small stuff and simply move toward the point of convergence.

What change could you make in 2022 to help you focus?


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