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Launching my first collection

Well hello there lovelies, it's been an entire month since we last caught up due to the summer holidays and family commitments but I'm back and looking forward to catching you up on everything Mayajoy.

The evenings are definitely getting cooler now and I have been getting cosy with fluffy slippers and a good book, as a way of winding down from the last few weeks.

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my full collection of homeware has now LAUNCHED! I am over the moon and I hope that you love everything as much as I do. If you would like to see the full collection, you can check it out here.

As I take a moment to breathe and reflect over the last few months- 5 months to be exact, it is incredible to me that I have designed, sourced and manufactured everything- in the UK no less and I couldn't be prouder. I have invested savings and sourced the highest quality I can to bring you a collection of beautiful products, made to last!

My prints are colourful and fun, designed to bring a touch of joy to your every day and I think I really have succeeded in doing that- the feedback has been so positive and the words 'happy' 'fun' 'joyful' keep on coming, which is exactly what I was going for.

My patterns have been created using a combination of water colours, inks & collage and all elements have been hand painted either by hand or digitally. This mixed media approach has allowed me to produce striking results, whilst also allowing for cohesion in the wider collection. Contrasting colour is at the heart and will continue to be across future works. Not only does this help to produce statement pieces but it also adds a sense of personality, which is really important to me as I develop my brand.

The collection includes 6 beautiful luxury feather pad cushions in various sizes and 6 patterned tea towels with the range set to expand in the future. All designs are inspired by my dual British and Caribbean heritage, my need to get outdoors and family life. My children especially have been a huge driving force behind my development and they continue to be my biggest fans. It is my hope that these items will be loved by all who are lucky enough to receive them and that they would share that joy with others. My aim with sharing my journey has always been to showcase what is possible when you have a dream and commit to investing in yourself. I hope to encourage you and lift you up by putting a smile on your face- after all, we can never have too much of that can we?!

Currently my house is jam packed of cushion pads, cardboard boxes and products but I feel it important to say that I am working in small batch production, to help eliminate waste and also offer you a more premium product. Does this approach make the items more expensive? In short- Yes. Manufacturing in the UK absolutely makes my products more expensive than if I was producing thousands in China but I like that its local. I think it's important that we bring manufacturing back to the UK and I hope that you will support this small business ethos as we approach the Christmas season.

If you fancy a thank you gift for all of your support over the last year (Did I mention that I celebrated my 1 year Mayajoy-versary???) You can subscribe to my new Newsletter here and grab 10% off your next order.

Thank you thank you for following my journey, I hope you find it encouraging and I hope you will continue to support my endeavour to create a brand to be proud of.

Until next time.


Maya x

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