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Introducing Kitchen textiles for Spring

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Hello my loves, can you believe we have made it to March? As usual the time is flying but I am so thrilled to see the daffodils and snow drops covering the ground, which can only mean one thing- Spring is here.

Spring is an opportunity. We get to throw off the winter blues and step in to a new metaphorical season- what will you choose? Growth? Rest? A new hobby perhaps? I like to go in to Spring the same way I start a new year- with lots of good intentions. Spring offers space to start again if we lost our way after the high of a new year and reminds us that fresh starts are beautiful!! Let's put the past behind us and keep moving forward.

I feel like I have been busy so far in 2023. It may only be march but it's certainly gone quickly. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you will already know that Mayajoy had a successful launch of new kitchen textiles. I wanted to show them to you because I'm so proud of them. The colours are vibrant and the quality is wonderful- when you get your hands on these I am positive you will love them.

I chose one of our best selling designs to feature on our first adult aprons and double oven gloves as the pink and green is not only striking but lends itself to kitchens, which often lead on to the garden. Inspired by the Caribbean you will be transported to a tranquil island, which can so often feel necessary, when rushing to prepare food for your family before hanger strikes!

Made from 100% cotton, my Pink Palm design features a contrasting banana leaf print to the neck strap and ties, as well as the reverse of the oven glove and the combination is just lovely.

Of course, the pair wouldn't be complete without our well established tea towel which finishes the collection off nicely. You can take a look at our range of tea towels here .

Perfect for entertaining friends, baking with your children or for a thoughtful house warming gift- I'm confident that these will take pride of place in the heart of your home.

Alongside this tropical beauty, I have also released a brand new design for Spring; which is inspired by a traditional ditsy floral but of course with a Mayajoy twist.

On trend blue with a contrasting burst of pink, our Blossom navy is hand painted and inspired by the first blossoms in bloom. It is such a fun pattern and fits in to traditional and modern homes alike. This is what I have always wanted to achieve with Mayajoy. To appeal to those who want to merely experiment with colour but also be at home with those who are fearless and believe that more is more.

The combination of flowers and stripes to the strap and ties is bold, yet works perfectly together and I couldn't be happier with the finish. Featuring a pocket to the front of the apron, you can keep your phone or recipe cards to hand.

If a single piece isn't enough for you, I've put together a bundle of goodies, which would be a great gift- how about for Mother's Day? When buying a bundle, you save £10 and receive beautiful matching items to last for years to come.

To find out more, just take a look on the website here .

I really hope that these items will be treasured and that they will provide a positive experience each time to use them. There is something so lovely about having beautiful things around you during every day tasks- wouldn't you agree?

I would love to know what you think and which design is your favourite?

Until next time my loves- when I will have some exciting news to share with you.

Lots of love




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