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Blue lagoon home decor inspiration

Updated: May 22, 2023

Happy Friday folks- I am so happy it's the weekend- this week has felt long, what with playing catch up after the Easter break. How are you keeping? I have loved seeing the brighter weather over the last few days but at the time of typing, it is currently pouring. Although saying this, what better way to spend a rainy Friday evening than being curled up on the sofa with a glass of fizz (did I mention it had been a long week?) and a good film or series. I recently watched the new Luther movie- which has mixed reviews. I personally really liked it, even though I thought it was creepy. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Anyway- this week's scheme of the week is Blue Lagoon. Think moody blues and greens, which can be quite daunting colours to work with. However just imagine sinking in to a plush sofa surrounded by natural materials and pops of pink and hints of gold. This look is luxury. I feature a lot of pink in my schemes because the femininity adds softness and is such a welcome contrast to a variety of colours. Adding blue or green by themselves is a little flat, so adding a contrasting shade gives interest and makes a statement, which you know I am all about. It doesn't take a lot, as you can see from the mood board below- a cushion or a patterned paper which includes a pop of contrasting colour- it just works!

Choosing a colourful sofa is a big commitment. It's the reason why so many of us play it safe when we go sofa shopping but it is an easy way to add colour to your living room, especially if you live in rented accommodation and can't decorate the walls! If you aren't feeling brave enough to have a blue sofa- choose a single seat or footstool and be bold in your choice.

This patterned paper by Woodchip & Magnolia is perfect for this scheme. It's bold, It has contrasts and it isn't too bright, which is great if you are nervous of using patterns. Remember, you don't have to go wild and wallpaper the entire room. You can choose one wall behind the sofa or you could choose the chimney breast wall if you have one, or alcoves.

The accessories chosen here are neutral. Although bold and luxurious, the scheme isn't overly complicated. The natural jute and wood lighting tones everything down, bringing the living room back to a liveable and functional space and there is just a hint of gold, which you could also bring in to your cabinet hardware ( sideboard/occasional table handles etc) candles, mirror etc.

Keep reading to find links for all products shown.

  1. Clava lamp by Dowsing & Reynolds

  2. Stilt reading lamp by Pooky

  3. Maya Jute rug from Anthropologie

  4. Pink palm feather cushion by Mayajoy

  5. Lush Teal / Coral paper from Woodchip & Magnolia

  6. Galloway chaise sofa in velvet version blue from Darlings of Chelsea

What do you think? Does it look inviting?

Connect with me over on Instagram and if you want to grab one of our Pink palm cushions, just shop the link below and discover joyful living.

See you next time


Maya x

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