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How to make an upholstered pinboard.

Hey my loves, the past week has been a little disjointed due to the school's half term. I always feel a bit out of sorts during the holidays because my routine goes out of the window and I'm unable to work in the normal way, due to my children being at home. That being said, I feel really lucky that I am able to be with them and we have had a great week together as a family. Trips to the farm and the zoo, bike rides, swimming and countless playgrounds- a child's dream and parents nightmare. Im quite frankly exhausted. Back to the daily grind now though, with a quick home project that was finished in an afternoon.

Now that I work from home, I have a small office area in the master bedroom. What I lack though is space to pin up my work. I didn't want to tape anything on my freshly painted walls and a cork board just wasn't the look I was going for so I decided to DIY an upholstered pinboard in my fabric of choice, which I knew would look good, as well as be functional.

Why is this important?

When designing a mood-board, collection or simply sourcing reference material, it's helpful to have it all collated together, visually as a whole. This way you can see how the colours , patterns or textures sit together. You can pin up postcards or scraps of fabric which inspire you and it keeps everything neatly in one area, preventing papers from lying around (which is currently how I have been working).

This pinboard is super easy to make and looks expensive, which is my kind of language- here's how I made it.

1) I purchased a 6mm MDF board from B&Q. You can get them to cut it to size but I kept mine full size because I knew I would have lots to pin on it. I chose a piece which was 610mm x 1220mm.

2) Sheet of foam, cut to the same size as your board. I used a local company called Putnams and they also sell online. You can find some here:

3) Fabric of choice, large enough to cover your board and foam with a little overhang. I chose an olive green velvet, to add luxury and a contrasting colour to my soothing and neutral colour scheme.

4) Staple gun

5) Glue gun

6) Hammer

7) Optional: Upholstery studs. This adds a little drama but it isn't necessary. You can leave it plain if you want to.

Lay your board on to a flat surface and use your glue gun to stick the foam on top.

Cover the foam with your fabric and then flip it over so the fabric and foam are face down. Pull the fabric taught and use your staple gun to attach the fabric to the back of the board. Start in the middle and work out to the corners. Fold the corners and staple in a couple of places, to reduce bulk.

Turn the right way up and then using your hammer, hammer studs around the edges (if using). I didn't use a ruler but to get a neat straight line, measure and mark along the sides, as a guide for the studs.

Voila. didn't I tell you it was easy?

Attach to wall or leave propped up and there you have it.

A quick and easy guide to making your own upholstered pinboard.

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