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Getting to know Mayajoy

Happy Tuesday one and all. If you have been with me since the start of the year- thank you. I am enjoying my weekly routine of writing down some thoughts and sharing those with you. I hope you are enjoying a little insight in to the going ons of Mayajoy.

Today I thought I would properly introduce myself as I realise I am assuming that you already know me. I also want to share with you my "why" for Mayajoy Design.

As you may be aware, my name is Maya (Joy being my middle name) and I am a Black British designer based in Plymouth Devon.

Early Years

I was born in North London but spent most of my childhood years by the sea in Brighton and have fond memories of tagging along to art exhibits with my father, who made his living as an artist and sculptor. I guess you could say that creativity is in my blood.

My family moved to the West Country in 2000 and life as I knew it changed. I suddenly was in a sleepy city, where we knew no one and there was no one who looked like me. My teenage years were laced with a lack of identity in where I belonged and I couldn't wait to flee when it was time to head out in to the world for University.

I settled on John Moore's university in Liverpool for my Bachelors degree in Interior Design because the University was a mess- in the most positive and charming way. It was buzzing with activity with people working and I could see myself there. I later went on to study a Masters in Textiles and Surface Pattern Design from Birmingham City University, which was the best year- securing a job with the well renowned Laura Ashley on my last day of the course.

Moving back to London, driving through Chelsea and working with clients in multi million pound properties was a real highlight for me but one day I had a wobble.

My inspiration to become an Interior Designer started when I was 12- initially from the likes of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on changing rooms but also because I spent hours flicking through catalogues by Tricia Guild. It was always my dream to work for Designer Guild, so when an opportunity arose to interview for a job within their head office I jumped at the chance. Well it was a disaster from the start. Pouring with rain, I got massively lost due to their humble (hidden) signage and I was late!!!! I pride myself on my time keeping, so this is very unlike me. I arrived bedraggled with a portfolio, only for them to look through my work and inform me that they thought I was too creative for the role!! I practically pleaded with them, telling them that this is what I had worked for but there was no point- my dream was over. I could have cried and I probably did.

After that, I felt a desperation to move home and be closer to my mum. Hindsight should tell you that this feeling would have passed but my husband to be couldn't have lived in London, with being in the Royal Navy, so we moved back to the West Country.

burrator walk husband and wife Dartmoor national park hiking

My intention was always to start my own design business. I took a general 9-5, with the intention that I would develop my side hustle and then eventually work for myself full time but this was massively ambitious and low and behold, I stayed with the same non design company for 6 years before moving on.

The only things I had ever failed at previously was my 1st driving test and this Designer Guild job! I would be lying if I said that it didn't hit me hard. It massively knocked my confidence and I really struggled at the age of 25 to pick myself up and drive towards reaching my full potential. I got married, had children and life just ticked over. I had everything I wanted. The handsome man, the kids, the dog, the house...but something was missing. I knew that I lacked professionally and I felt like a failure.

it's hard to admit this but I believe in the power of honesty and vulnerability. I know I can't be the only one who had a plan for their lives and can't believe that they aren't there yet?

Anyway after having my second daughter and barely recognising the person I had become, I made a decision to find myself again. Who is Maya? What do I want from life? What really is important to me?

I began journaling. I listened to podcasts, I meditated on positive words until I started to believe them. I have spoken only recently about starting work with personal performance coaching and honestly its been invaluable. If you want to read about it- you can check it out here

So why Mayajoy?

I am just a normal, down to Earth 30 something mum of 2, who has a dream and wants to tell you that if I can overcome my insecurities and failures and reach my goals- then so can you! Is it easy? Absolutely not- I haven't reached there yet but I won't give up- I've come too far and invested too much in myself to quit.

My true happiness doesn't come with a title or the salary to match. My true happiness comes from doing what I love and putting joy out in to the world. My mum always said there was power in a name and its quite fitting that my middle name is Joy because that is really all I want. Joy- spending the most quality time with my friends and family, eating and drinking well and being surrounded by people who I love and who love me- in a beautifully decorated room of course! This is pure contentment and unadulterated joy!

What is true happiness to you?

Mayajoy Design exists to showcase my design background, my passion for cultural diversity and all that entails, as well as my love of colour and love of people. I use positive words and colourful designs to encourage positive living and bring you joy.

You can shop my current range here

So there you have it. A little insight in to the real Maya Joy. Could you relate?

If you don't know already, I have a YouTube channel where you can hear about my going ons in real speak. You can check it out and subscribe here

Until next time, have a great week.

Lots of Love


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