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Trust the creative Process

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

With my word “focus” for the year in full swing, I thought it was probably a good idea that I pencil in some key calendar dates. Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and Easter for example. Although my business is not bound by trends or commercial dates, I would still like the option to use my designs across a range of products. Greeting cards being one of them. Greeting cards are such a fun way to test out a design. They are relatively inexpensive and in terms of storage, they don’t take up much space.

Over the Christmas break, I spent a little bit of time doodling in my sketchbook and drew the cutest little peas as an idea for a Valentine’s day card.

I have been thinking about my style as a designer. Something which can be quite challenging, especially when starting out. My cute little peas are commercial but don’t really fit within my body of work so instead I used it as a basis to create a new and colourful ‘sweet pea’ pattern.

Today I want to walk through my design process from initial idea to completion.

After drawing my initial doodle, I researched sweet peas and was drawn to the vibrant colours. I knew that they would fit within my floral style, bringing colour to my work and I also loved that they originated from Mediterranean countries such as Sicily and Cyprus but equally were very British.

I then drew out some sweet peas using my iPad Pro, which I am slowly getting used to- if only because I can rub out areas if I go wrong and ping it straight across to my printer.

Once printed, I cut the elements out and laid them on a large piece of paper to make a collage. I am sure there are quicker ways to put together a pattern but this year I decided to work in a way which feels best for me and helps me get into the natural flow of designing again. I feel that making a collage allows me to experiment with placement better and feels naturally more progressive.

Once happy with the layout, I used my lightbox to trace the design on to some mixed media paper, ready for painting.

For this design, I chose to use Gouache, as I wanted a high level of opacity, and knew I would be able to layer the colours. The idea for the print was to be bright, fun and simple, with only a small amount of detail.

I chose a limited colour palette and used contrasting tones to really stand out.

Once happy, I scanned the image to my computer so that I could tidy the artwork up and create a placement print and repeat that I was happy with.

I played around with colour options for the background and settled on a pale blue, which compliments the saturation of the sweetpeas. Once in repeat, I felt that the pattern would make a cute gift wrap or even fabric for a kitchen blind. Check out my mock ups below

Lastly, I airdropped my finished design to my ipad, so I could finish it up and add a couple of cute Valentine’s Day details and voila, one finished Greeting card.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process. What do you think? would this card catch your eye? who would you give it to?

Until next time, have a great week.

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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