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First feature

Hey my loves, yes I know its been ages and I was doing so well. I consistently wrote my blog every week for 6 months and

then it slowly went down hill over the summer hols and I never quite picked it back up because my planning was a little lacklustre. No excuses, I hold my hands up. As the year is wrapping up- bye 2022! I'l be starting to reflect on my word of the year : Focus and be pondering on a new word for what will hopefully be a brighter 2023. Here's hoping!

Just a quick one from my today and a bit of old news. Over the summer months I had the absolute pleasure to be featured by the wonderful Business & IP Centre, who support small business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors, helping them to grow their business.

You may have heard me talk about the women in business course, which I enrolled in; which not only introduced me to the world of networking but also gave me insight in to finance, Intellectual property and business coaching. It really was great to be involved with so many wonderful women, all striving to better themselves and share their experiences.

You can read the write up about me and the business here.

As we gear up for a brand new year, I would love to know what you would like to hear from me. If you haven't already signed up to my newsletter, you can do that via my website and get 10% off your next order. Newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about new products, special offers and all things Mayajoy first. Sign up, so you don't miss a think.

See you next time.


Mayajoy x


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