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Easy ways to experiment with colour in your home

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Hello my loves let me ask you a question. How do you feel about colour? Does it make your heart happy or does it fill you with dread? In days gone past the world was covered in a beige hue which was considered clean, inoffensive and soothing. Although its going through a resurgence right now, with tasteful comforting and warm tones, a decade ago beige had become a bit drab and unimaginative.

If you are new to colour, the idea of using a bold shade in your home may frighten you. The maximalists of the world would make you believe that in order to have a colourful home, you had better use lots of different colours, prints and textures but there are ways to experiment with colour and gently introduce some much needed personality in to your home.

Read more to find out how.

1) What's that one colour you would love to experiment with but are a bit scared to commit to?

How about painting one wall?

Paint is a safer option to wallpapers, is a contemporary alternative- even in a traditional home and depending on the size of the room and height of the ceilings is quite forgiving.

2) If the idea of bold colour gives you the ick- how about trying a pastel shade? As pastel colours are less saturated, they are often associated with calm and peaceful environments. They have a soft, understated look which is soothing but they add a little something to a space. Even one or two pastel elements will draw attention.

Roman blind fabric: John Lewis

3) Accessories.

Here is the cheapest and quickest way to experiment with colour in your home. The benefit to accessories is that if you get bored, you can pack them up and try a different colour scheme. This is especially useful throughout the change in seasons when you may want something bright and cheerful during the summer months but a bit more moody and textured in the winter. Just pop your textiles in a vacuum bag and store until you are ready to use again!

For a touch of maximalism, choose accessories in a range of complimentary and contrasting colours. Bring nature in to the home by introducing floral or leaf patterned fabrics or house plants which are not only good for air quality but also for mental well being.

1- Grey & orange herringbone striped throw- The British blanket company

2- Yellow & white ceramic pot- B&Q

3- Riviera striped yellow ceramic vase- Oliver Bonas

4- Pink palm feather cushion- Mayajoy

5- Aron chair, blush house weave- Swoon

As you can see, it doesn't take much to add colour in to the home. Start by introducing your favourite colour and see where it takes you.

If you try any of these tips, don't forget to tag me on socials so I can share your success.

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Lots of love

Maya x


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