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Could this be the best job in the world?

Happy Tuesday again everyone. It is day two of the half term and I always struggle during the holidays. The beauty of the early stages of Mayajoy is that I am at home a lot, which means I don't need childcare but the flip side is that I am limited on my ability to work. This results in some very long days where I steal working hours after my children have gone to bed. I guess in many ways I get the best of both worlds but it is a juggling act sometimes.

Another mum, who knows all about juggling business and home life, is my latest guest on IG live. You can catch up on the conversation here .

This week's feature

Louise Eleanor is a Devon based wedding photographer, dedicated to telling the magical love story of a bride and groom's special day.

It was such a pleasure to learn more about her journey and hear how over the course of 6 years her business has gone from strength to strength.

Louise had dreams of seeing the world and capturing big news stories but as time has gone on and she has learnt to juggle her business with her family commitments, she came to the realisation that the little intimate stories are just as important. It is these little moments that often help to shape us and she gets to be a part of it!

Hearing Louise's passion for what she does was a breath of fresh air. We agreed that the passion and love for what you do, makes working more than a job. So much so that Louise thinks she may just have the best job in the world! I think she may be right. Imagine getting to spend your day living in someone else's fairy tale. What a special moment to be around people who are there to celebrate the love between two people- it's something very special.

Keep going

What I took away form speaking with Louise is how she didn't have much expectation about where her business may take her. Instead she just kept doing what she loved and the results speak for themselves. There was a time when Louise thought she may give up but through persevering she now has to turn brides away due to being fully booked! This is a big reminder to just keep going. Don't give up.

Louise Eleanor now also offers family shoots, which my family have experienced and it was such an enjoyable time, which captured the essence of the love we have for one another. For more info on working with Louise, check out her website here

I hope you are enjoying these features on a talented bunch of women in business. Next week I will share some must read books, as recommended by Nikki from The Bookish mindset.

Until then

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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