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Challenge one another and grow

I can't believe it's Tuesday again already. The past week has gone by in a flash. I have been consistently ticking things off in my diary, with my collection's deadline getting closer and closer. I am so nearly finished and have set myself the challenge of signing it all off this week, in time for the half term! It is so exciting but there is definitely an element of apprehension. I will tell you more about it soon, so watch this space.

Catch up

Have you caught any of my IG lives yet? I am a week behind but today I want to share some insight in to my conversation with Darcie Olley

Darcie is an Illustrator & Designer from Essex and having connected with her about 18 months ago, we finally sat down to talk business.

When I started doing these lives, I knew that I wanted it to feel like a chat with a friend. I only ever planned for this to be a mini series to highlight some inspirational women, who I have met since starting on my own journey of self employment but I am so enjoying the insight in to other Womens experiences and I love that I get to share it with all of you. Perhaps I should carry on. What do you think?

Speaking to Darcie was so relaxed. For both of us and in honesty- all of the women I have spoken to so far, public speaking is not something we have a lot of experience in. Darcie shared that if I had asked her to speak with me 12 months ago, she would have said no.

This is another reason why it is so great to connect with people going through the same stuff as you- you kind of end up rubbing off on each other. You spur each other on. You challenge one another to see how far you are willing to go to achieve your goal. We all share the same ethos that in order to grow, you better stay uncomfortable.

Practical advice

I listened back to the recording of our chat and I must have said "that's such good advice" about 20 times (bet you notice it now!!) but Darcie was full of little tips to help us stay motivated and to just make a start and stop procrastinating on an idea we might be holding on to. Darcie shared that she always takes some time off each week to recoup, so that she is ready to work on her 'work days' and it really hit me. I have been so consumed with trying to make headway with Mayajoy that I burn the candle at both ends. Working during school hours and then again after the children go to bed and then again during quiet moments over the weekend. It made me think about my values and how I was compromising myself by doing this. Isn't it funny how a simple remark can have such a big and lasting impact? I hope I don't forget!

I made sure that I switched off the Mac and took the weekend off to enjoy being fully present, recoup and get ready for a productive week. Many thanks to Darcie for reminding me of the importance to slow down.

If you would like to hear more about our casual chat, you can catch up here

Catch you next week.

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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