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Building a collection

Well, the summer holidays are well and truly underway and of course that means that the hot weather has also decided to disappear.

This week I wanted to share with you how I formed my first collection. I'm sure that there are many different ways that Designers work. The most common though is to to have a project, basing the collection around a theme. Whether that be colour, experience or mood etc.

I guess in many ways I have loosely done this for my first collection, which has been in motion for quite some time. Going forward I would like to have a series of mini projects, which could form future collections of work.

When I first started Mayajoy I thought about my brand and what my ultimate dream life would be- sipping cocktails looking out to a stunning sunset on a beach, while my children frolicked in the waves- utterly carefree. I knew that colour would play in to this- contrasting shades of orange/pink sunsets and green foliage. I also thought about the importance of getting outdoors for mental wellbeing and taking time to be still- hearing the birds sing and the leaves rustle.

I have been heavily influenced by my heritage for this collection. Jamaica is a country that I have only been to twice but have such fond memories of. It is really important to me to showcase the Caribbean from the perspective of a Black British woman. I am admittidly not the loudest or boldest when it comes to Design. In fact my personal style of Interior Design is Transitional & European Design with a modern and eclectic edge. Where Mayajoy shines is that the range can act as a pop of colour to a simplistic scheme but is equally bold enough to mix and match in a maximalist or eclectic aesthetic. I really do love my latest range. I have tried to convey a tropical vibe, using a combination of colour and motifs that will be recognisable to some but enjoyed by many.

I began by researching the latest colour trends for the year, which I was so excited for as they are completely my prefered colours of choice. Perhaps not for everyone- my signature colour is pink so I was delighted to see a bright rose violet as a winter 2022 trend!

The big winner was when I went to a beautiful National Trust garden and spotted all of the wonderful fallen petals in the most perfectly pink hue- this was probably my easiest design, I just knew exactly how I wanted it to look- it became my fallen leaves design.

With my first collection due to be available in just a matter of weeks, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. There have been a million changes and numerous wobbles about whether I was getting the designs right but I really think I have. The colours are fun, the textures are inviting and I can't wait to hear if you love my range as much as I do.

To discover more of my journey, follow me on Instagram.

Lots of Love

Maya x

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