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Blue-spiration for Blue Monday

Hello my loves, Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now back in to the swing of things after the festive break.

Are you ready for 2024 or are you feeling a bit blah and overwhelmed? If it's the latter, you aren't alone. There always seems to be such a pressure to start the year with a bang- which is pretty difficult when its freezing and dark and you're still living on the Christmas left overs- we have enough chocolate to last at least until Easter.

Have you heard of Blue Monday? Well it's the third Monday of January- on the 15th this year and what began as a marketing gimmick by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall in collaboration with a travel company to sell more holidays has over time become a bit of a pseudoscience and perhaps for many of us rings true.

January is inherently difficult. We have the come down from over indulgencing with friends and family, the weather in the UK is terrible and it's a 5 week month so there is a longer stretch to wait until pay day. All of these things together create the perfect storm for low mood.

Although perhaps a made up notion, Blue Monday is an opportunity to focus on mental wellbeing and as you may know by now- colour is my number 1 go to for boosting my mood.

Keep reading for some Blue-spiration (inspiration, get it??) and discover some items that I'm loving throughout this frosty January.

Are't these blues dreamy?

A post for another day but blue is set to be trending once again for 2024. This shade named Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore is the perfect mix of blue violet and is so pretty. Although cool, which can be a risky choice, teamed with the perfect mix of textures & patterns, blue can be a tranquil and serene choice for a bedroom. Notice here that I have added greens and orange to add warmth and interest- Mayajoy's blue leaves cushion has even found it's way in to the scheme and would look beautiful on top of the bed or on occasional chair if you are blessed with the space.

As usual, I have tagged all of the items below to make it easier for you to shop- please note that there is no financial incentive to this post and I have not been paid to choose these items- I just love them!

UK based company Crown French make gorgeous French style beds and I can personally vouch that the workmanship is lovely. Ornate mouldings and simple linen make this a beautiful feminine choice for any bedroom.

When choosing blue, I knew I needed a toile. The name Toile de Jouy typically features romantic monochromatic scenes depicting animals, rural scenes and people. This beautiful design has a modern edge and uses water colour to create the scene. I love that it uses a limited colour palette but that there are earthy tones in there too.

One word- Wow. I saw this and was blown away by the colours. I would use this sparingly to create a show stopping bedroom, you would never want to leave. Printed traditionally using woodblock technique and finished with gold foil.

Inspired by British frosty mornings, leaves are hand painted in blue ink to create a simple & tasteful floral pattern. Striking orange piping acts as a contrast to warm it up and is reminiscent of freezing winter sunrises. Orange & blue lumbar cushions are also available.

The perfect mix of violet and blue create this sensational shade that is warmer than most shades of blue, due to the red tones in the violet. It is a wonderful accompaniment to the reds and oranges chosen in this scheme and has been chosen as Benjamin Moore's colour of 2024.

Understated with hand painted blue stripes. What's not to love? White Silk drum shade for a touch of elegance and to contrast the linen and natural cotton in the cushion. Remember what I said about using blue- texture makes it warm!

For no other reason that I enjoy the colour of this bedspread, as well as the frilled edge. This is a lovely way to include blue in your bedroom.

Last but by no means least- A rug is a must for chilly mornings. A simple cotton rug is all that is required and this finishes the scheme off nicely.

What do you think of my blue bedroom scheme? On Monday 15th January, or Blue Monday as it is now being coined- remember that there are only a couple of weeks left of the month and the sun will soon come back again. These frosty days are necessary and very soon the daffodils will start shooting up and we will be looking forward to spring.

Be kind to yourself this week and beyond and as usual if you want to connect, you can find me over on Instagram.

See you next time,


Maya xx

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