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5 reasons to shop small this Christmas

Updated: Jun 5

Hey my loves, if you're anything like me you may at times leave things to the last minute, causing a last minute rush over to Amazon to take advantage of their Prime delivery (we've all been there)- but after receiving the item, which is usually based solely on price and quick delivery, there isn't much else to say about it. Rarely used as a place to buy high value or special items, Amazon and the like is merely transactional.

Small independent businesses are completely different however, with the added benefit of a human touch which allows us to wait excitedly for the item/s to arrive.

The art of gift giving is special and a carefully purchased gift for a loved one not only brings the recipient joy but you too!!

Heres 5 reasons to shop small this Christmas

  1. If you are after an original or unique gift- shop small. Mass produced product is perhaps more accessible but ultimately it has less meaning, as often corners are cut to produce the item for as little as possible to increase profit margins. Shopping small & independent may cost you a little more but you can be assured that you are getting a meaningful and quality item from someone who has put a lot of time and energy in to making and sending your item.

  2. You will be supporting your local economy. Did you know that Britain used to be a huge hub of manfacturing? Today we are down to very few factories, because it has been cheaper to outsource to the far East. With the way that the econmy is at present, it is sensible to try to keep money within our own Country and help us to build wealth in Britain once again.

  3. It's better for the environment. Limiting transport and packaging is better for the environment. Small businesses are generally eager to look after the planet- and this is often a cause for business owners starting their business in the first place (because they couldn't find something that they wanted or find a business who's Ethos they supported). You will find more sustainable business practices from small business owners, who really care and aren't ticking a box or greenwashing to make their figures seem better than they are.

  4. You are buying from a person and not a corporation. Have you ever received great customer service? Well when you shop small, you should be getting that every time! Small business owners are so grateful for your support and often look forward to speaking with their customers. If you want a human touch- shop small.

  5. You're saying yes to creativity! Did you know that creativity is good for your mental wellbeing? Well when you buy from a small business, you are saying yes to their time, money and energy spent in creating something, which they are sharing with the world. You are allowing them to continue spreading joy with their ideas and future plans and encouraging them to keep going.

Do not underestimate the power of shopping small this Christmas. If you agree with the points above, keep reading for a few of my favourite small businesses to buy from this Christmas.

rope basket bag kit with instructions

Tabara's parents are from Senegal and wanting to learn more about Senegalese craftmanship, she spent time there, learning to weave baskets- finding meaning in her life. This kit will introduce you to the art and give the gift of creativity.

Soy candles, & wooden wicks encouraging you to "get lit" responsibly. Born out of the pandemic, Founder Ricki began making scents which reminded you of positive experiences. Hand poured in London, with 5% of profits going to Black minds matter.

flora candle in jar sitting on pink background

3. Dark Sugars tells the story of cocoa- from tree to tummy. Make yourself happy

Tin in the shape of a Christmas tree with chocolate truffles inside

4. Soapsmith produces artisanal soaps, with the mission to reignite the almost lost craftmanship & manufacturing industry in the Uk's capital. Passionate about natural ingredients, there are 7 signature scents and are all made using natural ingredients.

Bar of soap with colourful wrapper in fragrance Lavender Hill

5. Blackmans beard oil- A gift for the man with everything. Full of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants to reinvigorate skin & hair.

beard and shave oil bottle with pipette

6. Mayajoy creates feel good homeware & gifts, inspired by nature and her dual Jamaican heritage. Every design starts life as a hand painting, is digitally printed to limit waste and manufactured in the UK.

colourful apron with pink background and green palm leaves

I hope you have found this useful- aren't these small businesses gorgeous? For more blog posts, sent directly to your inbox - sign up to my weekly newsletter here.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

Maya xx

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