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2022 Colour of the year

Hi everyone and welcome back. Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback on my latest work. It is so encouraging that people are enjoying the work I am producing and it certainly helps to motivate me when things aren't going to plan- which has been the case over the bank holiday weekend. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, technology just doesn't want to play ball. I have been frantically trying to finish 1 particular design but my iMac keeps crashing in a bid to help me simplify, which in truth isn't in my dictionary- though perhaps I should stop and listen?!

Anyway, quality time was on the cards for the weekend and we have done just that. We visited the beautiful National Trust property- Buckland Abbey and were lucky to catch the stunning Wisteria in bloom- is there anything more beautiful? I never knew that the Abbey had been converted in to a home and that Sir Francis Drake lived there, so it was lovely to snoop around his chamber and visit my favourite room of the house- the kitchen!. My girls tried on Elizabethan clothes and we stumbled upon the sherbet like lemon mint in the kitchen garden which was a surprise- I need to get some for our garden as the scent was incredible.

When I was looking through my camera roll, it dawned on me that the stunning wisteria was almost the exact shade of Pantones 2022 colour of the year! I knew that I just had to bring you all some Very Peri colour inspiration. Perfect for Spring/Summer, the shade is a fusion of peri (winkle) blue and a vivid violet red undertone. I can't say that 'purple' is my favourite colour but when teamed with yellow or green, it is a fun and fashion forward shade. So much inspiration on one page!

Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love

Mayajoy x

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